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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about White Buffalo Soy Candles. We hope that you enjoy burning them as much as we enjoy making them! If your question is not answered below, please email us at info@whitebuffalosoycandles.com.


What do you use to scent your candles?

Our candles are made using premium oils that are a blend of essential oils and fragrance. They are designed specifically for candles so that they burn safely and consistently and give off a better scent throw that you simply cannot get with essential oils alone.


What kind of wicks do you use?

Our wicks are made of cotton and are lead free. 


What is petro-soot?  &  Why should I care about it?

Petro-soot is the soot that builds up on a candle container and the walls of your home as a result of burning a paraffin wax candle. Paraffin wax is a by-product of petroleum. It contains toxins and carcinogens and is not good to breathe. It is also very messy. SOY WAX DOES NOT EMMIT PETRO-SOOT.


Then why does my candle have soot coming from it sometimes?

Soy candles will produce minimal soot when their wicks are trimmed properly and when all safety precautions are followed. If you see soot coming from your candle, you can relax in knowing that it is NOT petro-soot. It is simply the result of combustion, and a sign that either your wick may need to be trimmed, or that a draft is passing by. If necessary, move your candle to a new location away from draft. 


When and how should I trim my wick?

You should always trim your wick before lighting your candle. For hard to reach wicks in deeper containers, a wick trimmer is ideal to use when scissors just won't do the job. 


How do I get an even burn?

Always trim wick before lighting candle and allow melt pool to reach FULL diameter before extinguishing. This will ensure that the wax is consumed evenly from top to bottom. 


Why are there white marks on my candle?

If you notice white marks on your candle, this is not a defect. It is a natural characteristic of soy, often referred to as "frosting". It does not affect the performance of your candle and is a testament to the fact that we use natural soy wax without any unnecessary additives.


Why does it look like there are wet spots on my candle?

It can look that way sometimes because wax is sensitive to climate changes. The wax is not actually wet. It contracts and expands due to temperature. This happens naturally and only affects how the wax is adhered to the sides of the glass. It does not affect the performance of your candle in any way.


Why is my candle discolored?

We do not use UV inhibitors, or any other unnecessary additives. If your candle is exposed to natural sunlight or fluorescent lighting, it may react by discoloring in spots. This is more common in scents that contain vanilla. If this discoloration occurs, it will not affect the performance of your candle


What shipping service do you use?

We use USPS First Priority Mail for quick, reliable, and affordable shipping. Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs including returns. Should you need to make a return, contact us within 5 days of delivery. Items must be shipped back within 14 days of delivery. Please contact us if you have questions about your order.