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About Us

White Buffalo Soy Candle House is located in the farming community of Eden, just south of Buffalo, in Western New York. Like all Buffalonians, we take pride in what we do. For us, that’s putting our heart and soul into crafting small-batch, natural soy wax candles.

It's amazing how a favorite scent can set just the right mood or help you unwind after a long day. We've always enjoyed the ambiance of candles and being surrounded by their beautiful scents. When we learned about the benefits of soy candles compared to traditional paraffin candles, we quickly made the switch and never looked back. We felt good about making a better choice for our family and a cleaner choice for our home.

As our passion for soy candles grew, it sparked the desire to share their benefits with everyone we knew. So what started out as a hobby, eventually turned into a family business, and White Buffalo Soy Candle House was born!

Whether you're comforted by bakery-type scents, sweet florals, fruits, spices, fresh, or earthy scents- we have a candle just for you. And we hope it brings you smiles, relaxation, and warmth. We absolutely love working with fragrance and making life smell great!