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White Buffalo Soy Candle House 9oz CLASSIC JAR SOY CANDLES
Natural soy candle, 9oz classic jar with silver lid, handmade by White Buffalo Soy Candle House in Buffalo NY
Natural soy candle, 9oz classic jar with silver lid, handmade by White Buffalo Soy Candle House in Buffalo NY

White Buffalo Soy Candle House 9oz CLASSIC JAR SOY CANDLES

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Made with White Buffalo Soy Candle House's natural soy wax and the most remarkable fragrances. Our 9oz Classic Jar soy candle has a timeless style that makes it great for any space. Available scents and their descriptions are below.

Approximate Burn Time 45 Hours

Almond Biscotti- Toasted almonds and sweet vanilla with a touch of anise and drizzled chocolate.

Apple Berry Spice- A medley of apples, berries, orange, cinnamon and clove on a bed of fresh fallen leaves and white musk. (Also known as Autumn Afternoon.)

Balsam & Berry- Siberian fir, warm cedar, and soft moss with sugared berries and hints of citrus, amber, and vanilla.

Bamboo- Tones of orange and grapefruit highlight this fresh botanical blend. Hints of lily, hyacinth, and lilac compliment bottom notes of bamboo.

Beach House- Feel like you're on vacation at home with rich coconut, cedarwood, and island blossoms. 

Blueberry Cobbler- Rich blueberries and warm bakery notes of sugar and spice and everything nice!

Caribbean- A dreamy breeze of fresh citrus, casaba melon, and creamy coconut.

Christmas Cookie- Warm buttery cookies baking in the oven!

Christmas Tree Farm- Fresh citrus, spiced apple, and musk add sparkle to a winter delight of crisp pine, balsam, and warm cedar.

Cinnamon- The unmistakable scent of the purest cinnamon.

Cinnamon Swirl- A warm and cozy blend of cinnamon, oats, almond, and honey.

Citrus & Cedarwood- Citrus and watery tones enhance a blend of cedarwood with hints of lavender, patchouli, moss, musk, and golden amber.

Citrus & Sugar- Sugared oranges, lemons, limes, and mountain greens. If you like Anthropologie's Capri Blue Volcano, then you'll love our Citrus & Sugar.

Cozy Caramel- Cozy brown sugar, butter, and vanilla combine together for a rich caramelized scent.

Crisp Apple & Pear- crisp juicy apples with subtle notes of pear.

Creme Brulee- A year-round favorite. Rich and warm buttery vanilla cream.

Eucalyptus & Spearmint- Eucalyptus clears the mind while spearmint oil uplifts. 

Flannel- Fresh bergamot orange and warm mahogany will grab your attention while a little soft musk will make you want to cozy up.

French Vanilla Latte- Rich, dark Jamaican coffee beans with smooth vanilla.

Fresh Peach- Juicy peach and energizing orange with peach blossom.

Harvest- Seasonal spices and fruit create a warm welcome that transitions perfectly from fall to Christmas.

Holiday Spice- Pumpkin spice, cinnamon, and clove. Every home could use some Holiday Spice!

Hot Cocoa- Rich warm chocolate and sensational cream.

Hot Cocoa & Peppermint- A cozy and fun combination of chocolate, vanilla cream, and peppermint.

Island Getaway- Refreshing tropical fruit and coconut cream will take you away to a relaxing sandy beach.

Lavender Vanilla- Fresh and clean. Soft lavender and relaxing vanilla.

Lilac- Close your eyes and enjoy the smell of wild flowers picked off the tree.

Lemon Biscotti- An inviting scrumptious cookie with lemon zest, toasted coconut, and buttercream frosting.

Lemon Fresh- Lemons, limes, and bergamot with subtle rose for a scent reminiscent of a sunny day. 

Mulberry- Rich and bold. Classic mulberry enhanced with wild berries and bitter orange peel.

Nutmeg & Ginger- An amazing "good to be home" scent that knows no season.

Oak- Intriguing and fresh. A blend of red oak and cedarwood enhanced by notes of bergamot, citrus, lavender, and just the right amount of musk. Consistently one of our top sellers with men and women alike. 

Perfect Pumpkin- The perfect blend of pumpkin and spice with vanilla and buttery nut nuances.

Pink Sands- A captivating mix of bright citrus, sweet florals, and spicy vanilla.

Spiced Cider- A scent to warm the soul. Hot apple cider spiced with cinnamon and clove.

Vanilla Bean- Relax and enjoy the aroma of freshly picked pods from the Madagascar plant.

Vanilla Cupcake- Amazing vanilla cake scent. A perfect way to celebrate a birthday or just make your house smell great!